Pasture and Hay Mixes

Although Coyote Seeds can custom mix any type of mixture your customer may desire, listed below are a few of our most popular mixes.

Coyote Horse Pasture Mix

  • 20% meadow brome
  • 20% Int. Wheatgrass
  • 20% forage per Ryegrass
  • 20% Orchardgrass
  • 20% Timothy

Rebound Grazing Mix

  • 30% meadow brome
  • 20%Int. Wheatgrass
  • 15% forage Per Ryegrass
  • 25% orchard grass
  • 10% travois alfalfa

Thoroughbred Mix

  • 20%Meadow Brome
  • 20% forage Per. Ryegrass
  • 30% orchardgrass
  • 10%timothy
  • 10%ginger bluegrass
  • 10%ladino Clover

Featured Crops


Rye is a cold-tolerant grain that geminates in cool soil (34-40° F), making it a major fall-planted cover crop for winter erosion control. The top growth provides soil cover and suppresses weed.

Field Peas

Field peas are used in spring plantings as a source of organic matter and nitrogen.  In late summer, peas can be interseeded with oats to provide ground cover over the winter.

Forage Turnip and Rapeseed

Turnip and rape grow quickly and are good at reducing surface compaction while providing winter cover and fall weed suppression.


Spring-planted oats are used for green manure, while fall-planted oats provide winter-killed ground cover. They are also useful as a nurse crop with legumes, such as hairy vetch and peas, for forage, erosion control and weed suppression.


Buckwheat is a short season annual with a delicate, fibrous root system. Since it establishes quickly, it is useful for weed suppression. It also mellows the soil while improving aggregate stability. It is a scavenger of phosphorus and calcium and mineralizes rock phosphate, making these nutrients available for later crops.

Sundangrass & Sorghum-Sudangrass

Sudangrass and sorghum-sudangrass are midsummer grasses suitable for short, 8-10 week plantings. These crops provide abundant root biomass, which is useful for increasing soil organic matter. Mowing encourages root growth. They suppress root knot nematodes and inhibit weed germination if densely sown.

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